Our Worship Together

Worship at Saint Nicholas Episcopal Church: a statement of principles to guide our decisions about liturgy and to inform people who are not members of our congregation

Worship at Saint Nicholas Church is grounded in the Book of Common Prayer and is enriched by other resources, especially those created by the commission of the Episcopal Church responsible for liturgy and music.

From the inception of Saint Nicholas, we have made a conscious attempt to be innovative as we listen to what the Spirit is saying to our congregation. We trust that our worship will strengthen our encounter with Christ and our love of one another.

Our worship is distinguished by simplicity of rite and ceremony. We strive for inclusiveness and collaboration, as the congregation and clergy participate as partners. At communion, all are welcome to join the circle around the table as a symbol of our fellowship and wholeness as the body of Christ. We value thoughtful preaching by clergy and laypersons alike. We use special liturgies for seasons of the church year: Advent, Lent, the Sundays following Pentecost, and Creation. Once a month we have a Family Service, focused on our children and youth.

In our praise of God, we offer a variety of music, including traditional, gospel, folk, and world music. A reed organ, an electronic organ, and a piano are played. At times we use guitars, bells/chimes, and other instruments. The congregation sings enthusiastically. We regularly have guest musicians.

As with our worship, our sanctuary is marked by simplicity. Clear windows allow light to bathe the sanctuary and provide views of the natural world. Consistent with our flexible and open worship, furniture can be easily moved to accommodate the various ways in which we use our space.

In summary, worship at Saint Nicholas Church is traditional and experimental, simple and reverent, welcoming and inclusive.