Sunday, July 14, 2019 – Fifth Sunday of Pentecost


July 14 – Ministers – Pentecost 5

Celebrant:  The Rev. Sara D’Angio White

Sermon:  Dr. Terry Foster

Coffee Host:  Graham and Judy Pierce

Eucharistic Minister:  Nancy Agan

Greeters:  Graham and Judy Pierce

Lectors:  Bill Sproull and Judy Pierce

Offering Tellers:  Dorothy and John Sutton

—                                                                                                 ABOUT THE MUSIC

The organ prelude for this Sunday is “Meditation on ‘Morning Has Broken”.  The tune is a Scottish gaelic one.

The piano offertory is “So Send I You” by Canadian composer E. Margaret Clarkson (1915-2008).  The lyrics are printed in the bulletin.  It is suggested that you might wish to read them while it is played.

The organ postlude is “Toccatina In G Minor” by American composer Percy Wicker MacDonald (1905-1963).

Terry Foster, Church Musician


Logan Place

                            We have another dinner planned for Logan Place on Monday, July 15th.  Please see Nancy Nickerson if you would

 like to contribute something or help serve. or 899-9382



St. Nick’s Women

 Diva gathering in honor of Marci Robbins who is moving to North Carolina.  Please join us at Jane’s for a casual supper on Tuesday, July 16th at 6:30.

RSVP to Jane Ducott at

Look forward to seeing you!



There will be a memorial service here for our friend and former parishioner Cheryll Green on Saturday, August 3rd at 11:00am.  Please mark your calendars.




July 21 – Ministers – Pentecost 6

Celebrant:  The Rev. Sara D’Angio White

Coffee Hosts:  Mike Ott and Bill Sproull

Eucharistic Minister:  John Sutton

Greeters:  Nancy Agan and Bill Sproull

Lectors:  Cynthia and John Nye

Offering Teller:  John Nye

July 28 – Ministers – Pentecost 7

Celebrant:  The Rev. Holly Hoffman

Coffee Host:  Kelly Martino

Eucharistic Minister:  Bill Nixon

Greeters:  Kelly Martino and Rod Nixon

Lectors:  Mike Ott and Sue Hunnell

Offering Teller:  Kelly Martino