St. Nicholas Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Church in Scarborough, Maine

Sunday, June 9, 2019 – PENTECOST


June 9 – Ministers – Pentecost

Celebrant:  The Rev. Roy Partridge

Coffee Hosts:  Pam and Ralph Hillman

Eucharistic Minister:  Marci Pobgee

Greeters:  Rod Dixon and Bill Sproull

Lectors:  Dana and Erik Jensen

Offering Tellers:  Dorothy and John Sutton

     This Sunday (Pentecost) we welcome members of the Sea Change Chorale and their director, Dr. Deirdre McClure.  For prelude they will sing a beautiful piece in Latin—“O Vos Omnes” (a lament about Jesus’ sorrow when facing the last days of His life).  The piece was composed by Spanish composer Tomas Luis de Victoria (1548-1611).  For offertory they will sing “Psalm 23”, a modern version of the psalm by living American composer Bobby McFerrin (b. 1950).  Note the use of feminine pronouns to bring new meaning to the psalm.  For postlude they will sing “Lean On Me” by living American composer Bill Withers (b. 1938).  You are encouraged to sing on the chorus printed below and express the joy of Pentecost through clapping.

                              CHORUS TO “LEAN ON ME”

         You just call on me brother/sister when you need a hand.

           We all need somebody to lean on.  

         I just might have a problem that you’ll understand.

           We all need somebody to lean on.

     Next Sunday, June 16, the St. Nicholas Chimers will play during the service.

Terry Foster, Church Musician


The congregational meeting originally scheduled for June 9th has been rescheduled to June 16th after a brief coffee hour.  Please plan to attend. 



Logan Place

Our next date for serving dinner to Logan Place tenants is Monday, June 10.  If you would like to contribute something to the dinner, or have questions, please speak with Nancy Nickerson.  Thank you!


St. Elizabeth’s Essentials Pantry

We have been notified that the Pantry will not be open this Tuesday, June 11th, when we were scheduled so our next date for serving is Tuesday, July 9th.  Please see Terry Foster if you are interested in this ministry.



June 16 – Ministers – Trinity Sunday

Celebrant:  The Rev. Sara D’Angio White

Coffee Hosts:  Nancy Nickerson

Eucharistic Minister:  John Sutton

Greeters:  Judy and Graham Pierce

Lectors:  Kelly Martino and Bill Nixon

Offering Teller:  John Nye


June 23 – Ministers – Pentecost 2

Celebrant:  The Rev. Samuel Henderson

Coffee Hosts:  Volunteers, please

Eucharistic Minister:  Bill Nixon

Greeters:  Kelly Martino and Nancy Agan

Lectors:  Mike Ott and Judy Pierce

Offering Teller:  Kelly Martino

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