St. Nicholas Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Church in Scarborough, Maine

St. Nicholas Episcopal Church, Palm Sunday, April 14, 2019


April 14 – Ministers – Palm Sunday

Celebrant:  Rev. Sara D’Angio White

Coffee Hosts:  Mike Ott and Bill Sproull

Eucharistic Ministers:  Carl Bredenberg(P) and Marci Pobgee

Greeters:  Kelly Martino and Rod Dixon

Lectors:  Cynthia and John Nye

Offering Teller:  Kelly Martino

                                                                                ABOUT THE MUSIC 

The prelude for this Sunday is “Vexilla Regis” (“The Regal Banners Fly”), by American composer Everett Titcomb (1884-1964).

The offertory is “Ye Sons and Daughters of the King” by French composer Francois Dandrieu (1682-1738).

The postlude is “Fanfara Antica” by living English composer Andrew Moore (b. 1954).

Next Sunday is Easter.  We will have as our guest musician oboist Kathleen McNerney.

 Terry Foster, Church Musician 


 Holy Week Schedule – April 18 & 19

Maundy Thursday – soup and bread supper at 5:30 followed by the service at 6:15.

Good Friday – service at 5:30.


April 21 –Ministers – Easter

Celebrant:  Rev. Sara D’Angio White

Coffee Hosts:  Erik and Dana Jensen

Eucharistic Ministers:  Jane Ducott(P) and Mark Bennett

Greeters:  Mark and Cathy Bennett

Lectors:  Alice and Brad Wellman

Offering Teller:  Nancy Agan


                                                                           April 28 – Ministers – Easter 2

                    Celebrant:  Rev. Amelia Hagan

    Coffee Host:  Kelly Martino

                                                                    Eucharistic Minister:  John Sutton

                                                                     Greeters:  Judy and Graham Pierce

                                                                   Lectors:  Bill Sproull and Nancy Agan

                                                                       Offering Teller:  Anna Hamilton



Easter flower donations are now being accepted.  Please make checks payable to Jane Ducott.  Also include memorial messages and thanksgivings and names of loved ones.  Thank you!  


We are in need of one or two soups for our traditional soup and bread supper before the Maundy Thursday service.  Please let Cynthia Nye (934-1413) or Anna Hamilton know if you can bring a soup.  Thank you! 


 Anyone interested in painting/sanding, please see either Erik or Kelly.


Our Green Power monthly sponsorship sign-up sheet is completely filled in through December, 2019.  Many thanks to all you kind volunteers for stepping forward!

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