St. Nicholas Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Church in Scarborough, Maine

Sunday, January 6, 2019 The Epiphany


Sunday, January 6 – Ministers

Coffee Hour Hosts: Becky Buyers and Nils Johnson

Eucharistic Ministers: Carl Bredenberg(P) and Jane Ducott

Greeters:  Nancy Agan and Kelly Martino

Lectors: Bill Nixon and Mike Ott

Offering Teller: Nancy Agan


Opening:  #117 – “Brightest and Best of the Stars of the Morning”

Gospel:  #128 – “We Three Kings”

Closing:  #119 – “As With Gladness Men Of Old”


The prelude for Epiphany is “There’s A Song In the Air” by American poet and composer Josiah G. Holland (1819-1881 A.D.).  These lyrics from the song may enhance your opening worship experience:

“There’s a song in the air!  There’s a star in the sky!

There’s a mother’s deep prayer and a baby’s low cry.

And the star rains its fire while the beautiful sing,

for the manger of Bethlehem cradles a King!

We rejoice in the light and we echo the song

that comes down through the night from the heavenly throng.

Aye!  We shout to the lovely evangel they bring,

and we greet in His cradle our Savior and King!

The offertory is a meditation on “What Star Is This That Beams So Bright?” whose music was by German composer Michael Praetorius (1571-1621 A.D.).

The postlude is the Catalonian folk carol “Fum, Fum, Fum!” composer unknown.

Terry Foster, Church Musician

Thursday, January 10 – 9:00am – Holy Eucharist

Join us for a quiet start to your busy day.

Thursday, January 10 – 6:30pm – Bishop’s Committee Meeting

All are welcome to attend the monthly meeting of the

governing body of St. Nicholas Episcopal Church.


Sunday, January 13 – Ministers

Coffee Hour Hosts: Schedule coming soon.

Eucharistic Ministers:  Dick Hamilton and Mark Bennett(P)

Greeters:  Anna Hamilton and Rod Dixon

Lectors: Cynthia and John Nye

Offering Teller: Anna Hamilton

Sunday, January 20 – Bishop Candidate Visiting!

On Sunday, January 20 we will host candidate Rev. Kenneth Brannon and his wife as part of the selection process.

Sunday, January 20 – Ministers

Coffee Hour Hosts: Schedule coming soon.

Eucharistic Ministers:  Nancy Agan and Bill Sproull(P)

Greeters:  Erik and Dana Jensen

Lectors: Judy Pierce and Bill Sproull

Offering Teller: Dorothy and John Sutton

Sunday, January 27 – David’s last service with us before his retirement

Candidates for the Next Bishop of Maine

Candidates for Bishop have been presented. Please thoughtfully review the information on the bulletin board and online at and present your choices to Kelly & Jane. We will be representing St Nick’s at the election in February.  On Sunday, January 20 we will host candidate Rev. Kenneth Brannon and his wife as part of the selection process.

Volunteer Opportunity – Church Office

Cathy Bennett is retiring from her office duties as of the end of January. We are looking for someone who would like to make up the church bulletin each week, as well as keep up the church website and social media sites.  Please see Cathy, Kelly or Cynthia if you are interested.

I am seeking a small table & chair set, something suitable to use with preschoolers.  When Sarah D’Angio White begins joining us in February as our Steady Supply clergy, she will likely be bringing her children, ages 3 and 5, with her, and has asked if I can hold an informal Sunday School class with them.  Any leads would be much appreciated.  Thanks!  Nancy Nickerson

The Green Power monthly sign-up sheet for 2019 is posted on the Bolger Board (thank you to several of you who have already signed up!).  As a reminder, this is an invitation to folks who want to volunteer to provide the monthly fee ($36 additional per month) on our CMP electric bill that supports generation of electricity from Maine-based renewable resources.  This helps reduce our portion of fossil fuel use.  Thank you for your generosity.

Poems to Share
St. Nick’s member Ann Hammond has just published a collection of her poems about Higgins Beach! The lovely cover illustration is by an artist who lives at Piper Shores. The book will be on display during coffee hour. Copies can be purchased for a donation of $10 each to St. Nicholas Episcopal Church. Congratulations, Ann!

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