St. Nicholas Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Church in Scarborough, Maine

September 2, 2018 Fifteenth Sunday After Pentecost



Sunday, September 2 – Ministers

Coffee Hour Hosts: Erik and Dana Jensen

Eucharistic Ministers: John Sutton(P) and Dick Hamilton

Greeters: Kelly Martino and Marci Robbins

Lectors: Erik and Dana Jensen

Offering Teller: Kelly Martino


Opening:  #291 – “We Plow the Fields and Scatter”

Gospel:  #694 – “God Be In My Head”

Closing:  #344 – “Lord, Dismiss Us With Thy Blessing”


The prelude for this Sunday is “Prelude in A Minor” by living American composer Jerald Franklin Archer (b. 1964).

The offertory is “Faith in Every Footstep” by living American composer K. Newell Dayley (b. 1939).

The postlude is “Grand Choeur in C” by French organist/composer Theodore Salome (1839-1896 A.D.).

On next Sunday, September 9, singers from St. Nicholas will share “Let Everything That Hath Breath” a contemporary choral piece by living African-American composer Jeffery L. Ames (b. 1969).  Don’t miss it!

Terry Foster, Church Musician

Thursday, September 6 – 9:00am – Holy Eucharist

Join us for a quiet start to your busy day.


Sunday, September 9 – Ministers

Coffee Hour Hosts: Mike Ott and Bill Sproull

Eucharistic Ministers: Bill Sproull(P) and Nancy Agan

Greeters: Nancy Agan and Carl Bredenberg

Lectors: Nancy Agan and Carl Bredenberg

Offering Teller: Nancy Agan

Sunday, September 16 – Ministers

Coffee Hour Hosts: Pam and Ralph Hillman

Eucharistic Ministers: Jane Ducott(P) and Carl Bredenberg

Greeters: Rod Dixon and Anna Hamilton

Lectors: Becky Buyers and Rod Dixon

Offering Teller: Anna Hamilton

Sunday, September 16 – Giving Sunday

Once a month, we encourage members to bring food items for donation to the Scarborough Food Pantry.


Be sure to look over the beautiful garden that is feeding our neighbors! Last week we harvested over 33 pounds of produce!

We have also planted some lettuce, kale, Swiss chard and beets for a great fall crop.

Weeders welcome!  If you have free time and would like to weed, we would be happy to have help.

(Bring bug spray and wear long sleeves and pants, though!)

Our Green Power sign-up sheet is looking a little lean.  Just as a reminder, this is an opportunity for folks to sign up to “Adopt a Month” in which to donate the $36 that is the extra we pay on our electricity bill, to support an increased portion of electricity being generated by Maine-based renewable sources. Please consider signing up for one of the remaining months, and thank you in advance for your generosity!

FMI, Nancy Nickerson

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