St. Nicholas Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Church in Scarborough, Maine

May 27, 2018 Trinity Sunday


Sunday, May 27 – Ministers

Preacher:  Connie Dube

Coffee Hour Hosts: Erik and Dana Jensen

Eucharistic Ministers: Dick Hamilton and Pam Hillman(P)

Greeters: Volunteers needed, please.

Lectors: Cynthia and John Nye

Offering Teller: Anna Hamilton


Opening:  #362 – “Holy, Holy, Holy”

Gospel:  #423 – “Immortal, Invisible, God Only Wise”

Closing:  #368 – “Holy Father, Great Creator”


The prelude for this Sunday is “Air in G Minor” by British composer

 Henry Eccles (1670-1742 A.D.).

The offertory is “O Saviour, Hear Me” by German composer C.W. von Gluck (1714-1787 A.D.).

The postlude is “Festal Postlude from Concerto 5, #2” by German-born composer George Frideric Handel (1685-1759 A.D.)

who spent most of his musical career in England.

After Coffee Hour the St. Nicholas Chimers will rehearse this Sunday, May 27.  Please join us!

Next Sunday Denise Meiler, Soprano, will sing throughout the service.  Her visit is made possible by the Barbara MacDougall Fund.

Terry Foster, Church Musician

Thursday, May 31 – 9am – Holy Eucharist

Join us for a quiet start to your busy day.

Saturday, June 2 – 8am to 2pm – Sandpiper Yard Sale

As you do your spring cleaning, please set aside items for the Sandpiper Yard Sale!  Items may be dropped off on Thursday afternoon or later.  Volunteers are needed to help sort and price, and on Saturday to help with sales.  People with trucks or large vehicles could help at the end of the sale by taking a load of any leftover items to Goodwill.  Contact Marlene at or 883-4625 to let her know you can help.


Sunday, June 3 – Ministers

Coffee Hour Hosts: Mike Ott and Bill Sproull

Eucharistic Ministers: Bill Nixon(P) and Dick Hamilton

Greeters: Graham and Judy Pierce

Lectors: Mike Ott and Bill Pape

Offering Teller: John Nye

Sunday, June 10 – Ministers

Coffee Hour Hosts: Pam and Ralph Hillman

Eucharistic Ministers: John Sutton(P) and Nancy Agan

Greeters: Kelly Martino and Rod Dixon

Lectors: Judy Pierce and Bill Sproull

Offering Teller: Kelly Martino

Thursday, June 14 – 6:30pm – Bishop’s Committee

All are welcome to attend the monthly meeting of the governing body of

St. Nicholas Episcopal Church.


Check out the garden!  This week more seedlings have been planted.

Look for changes each time you come to St. Nick’s!







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