St. Nicholas Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Church in Scarborough, Maine

October 15, 2017 19th Sunday After Pentecost


Sunday, October 15 – Ministers

Celebrant: Rev. Roy Partridge

Sermon by Connie Dube

Coffee Hosts: Lorna and John Kerbel

Eucharistic Ministers: Mark Bennett(P) and Carl Bredenberg

Greeters: Erik and Dana Jensen

Lectors: Erik and Dana Jensen

Offering Teller: Sean Walsh


Opening:  #6 – “Christ, Whose Glory Fills the Skies”

Gospel:   #645 – “The King Of Love My Shepherd Is”  (vs. 1-3 and 6)

Sanctus: #S130 – “Holy, Holy, Holy Lord”

 Closing: #779 – “The Church Of Christ In Every Age”  (Wonder, Love, and Praise)


The prelude for this Sunday is “The Master’s Love Undying” by American composer Rex Koury.(1911-2006 A.D.).

The offertory is “Offertorio Pastorale” by an anonymous composer

from the 1700s.

The postlude is “Concluding Voluntary In E Minor” by living composer Percy Wicker McDonald (b. 1956).

After church we will have a short rehearsal on choir chimes.  I encourage every member to try playing one of our fine set of Malmark chimes.

It’s fun and easy!

Terry Foster, Church Musician

Sunday, October 15 – Giving Sunday – On the third Sunday of each month we encourage members to bring a non-perishable food item for donation to the Scarborough Food Pantry.  Thanks for your generosity!


Sunday, October 22 – Ministers

Celebrant: Rev. Steve Smith

Coffee Hosts: Randi and Jude Hogan

Eucharistic Ministers: Jane Ducott(P) and Becky Buyers

Greeters: Judy and Graham Pierce

Lectors: Becky Buyers and Judy Pierce

Offering Teller: Anna Hamilton

Sunday, October 29 – Ministers

Celebrant: Rev. Steve Smith

Coffee Hosts: Bill Pape and Bill Sproull

Eucharistic Ministers: Pam Hillman and Bill Sproull(P)

Greeters: Rod Dixon and Bill Pape

Lectors: Rod Dixon and Will Sharp

Offering Teller: Dorothy Sutton

Thursday, November 9 – Bishop’s Committee Meeting – 6:30pm

All are welcome to attend the monthly meeting of the governing body of

St. Nicholas Episcopal Church.


The garden continues to yield, even as the growing season comes to a close.

Thank you to all who came out to the Harvest Festival on Saturday, October 14.

 Please contact Chris Taylor at or 615-5796 if you are interested in helping out with the garden.   We still have many different tasks available!  Also, check out the garden website ––updates.html


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